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Are you ready for real, lasting, deep transformation? 

Learn the secret to massive progress on the spiritual path!

Strong practice and good teachings don't guarantee progress on the spiritual path. To make real lasting change, you have to deal with your bullshit - your old, conditioned ways of being - the ways you self-sabotage and hold yourself back. That's what this webinar is al about!

This Webinar will include:

  • 1

    A discussion about patterns and the need to distinguish between the voice of Wisdom and the voice of Bullshit.

  • 2

    Exercises to help you identify the roots of your most toxic patterns and practices to help you break free from them.


  • 3

    Powerful time-tested techniques that will teach you how to shift your inner state instantly - even in the middle of a freakout!

  • 4

    Guided Meditation and time for questions and answers.


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